I am Assistant Professor in the Department of Language & Literacy Education (Faculty of Education). I am also affiliate faculty in the Master of Educational Technology (MET), Master of Arts in Children’s Literature (MACL), and Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program (ISGP). Previously, I have held international visiting research fellowships at the National University of Ireland, Galway, University of Amsterdam, University of Edinburgh, and Trinity College Dublin. I also served as a UBC Sustainability Fellow at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (2018-2021). I am currently Senior Editor for Environmental & Sustainability Education in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education, published by Oxford University Press.

Research and Teaching
Having worked as a professional musician, high school teacher, writer, editor, college instructor, and narrative coach, the range of my research and teaching in education is quite varied. Broadly speaking, my research aims to produce transdisciplinary conversations about education and other critical fields – particularly environmental studies, media, humanities, and the arts – by examining approaches through narrative, language, literacy, and representation in society and culture.

Many of my educational, professional, and lived experiences have, more specifically, informed the following four areas in my work: (a) social and cultural approaches to environmental literacy and sustainability education; (b) textual literacies, including digital media, literary, and visual culture; (c) narrative inquiry, storytelling, and well-being; (d) futures literacies about sustainable and decolonized futures.

My intention is to promote social understanding and relational action on environmental, health and well-being, and cultural issues through public forms of education and literacy. For example, my second authored book Ecological exile (2018) examines how texts in literary, film, and digital culture educate publicly about spatial injustices resulting from fossil fuel production and climate change. Another recently edited volume Gastro-modernism (2019) considers the function of food literacy in the cultural and literary history of modernity. My latest authored book Rewriting our stories (2021), which is public scholarship aimed at general audiences, explores how the language of stories can educate and empower people to engage in greater empathy, compassion, and well-being.

Ongoing research and publishing concentrations include empathy education, energy transition and literacy, futures literacies, decolonizing education, and environmental children’s literature, among others.

Positionality Statement
My family originally comes from European settlers of Norway and Wales. I have married into an Indigenous family (Métis from the Lac Ste. Anne and Lac La Biche communities) and have welcomed Indigenous teachings and traditions with respect and responsibility. I also situate myself as an educator to the Indigenous territory on which UBC is located – on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam). As an uninvited guest, I feel privileged and honoured to work here. When considering my relationships with this land, I recognize the agency of the more-than-human world and the living ecologies that are part of it. Within this context, I am committed to decolonizing and anti-racism education.

For media requests, speaking or publishing invitations, or graduate student inquiries, please send me an email.


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Narrating Energy Transitions and Literacy through Storytelling

Interdisciplinary project investigating ways of imagining sustainable energy transitions and futures by teaching energy literacy through models of storytelling.
Funding: SSHRC Insight Development Grant (PI)

Collaborative PhD Models to Support a Transdisciplinary Research Ecosystem

Prototype a model for transdisciplinary research through the structure of a collaborative PhD in the areas of low carbon futures/planetary health and regenerative development.
Funding: Advancing Education Renewal (Co-Investigator)

Empathy Education: Intersectional Approaches to Youth & Civic Engagement

Collaborator for research with the Beacon Fellow, Prof. Pat Dolan (UNESCO Chair in Children, Youth, and Civic Engagement)
Funding: Ireland Canada University Foundation (Co-PI)

Interdisciplinary Sustainability Education

Course and program development project focused on sustainability and environmental education from a literacy perspective.
Funding: UBC Sustainability (Co-PI)

Indigenous Perspectives in Environmental Literacy

Curriculum development involving the links between environmental and Indigenous education.
Funding: Indigenous Curriculum Enhancement Grant (Co-PI)

Futures Literacy

Pilot project undertaking an inquiry into the role of futures literacies in education.
Funding: SSHRC Explore Grant (PI)

International Youth Deliberation on Energy Futures

An online collaborative curriculum project with 20 high schools from 17 countries focusing on global energy literacy.
Funding source: Future Energy Systems (Co-Investigator)


Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Waterloo (2017-2018)
Visiting Research Fellowship, Centre for Environmental Humanities, Trinity College Dublin (2017)
Visiting Research Fellowship in the Environmental Humanities, IASH, University of Edinburgh (2015)
Visiting Research Fellowship, Moore Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway (2015)
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of British Columbia (2015-17)
Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal Award, University of Alberta (2014)
Vanier Canada Scholarship, University of Alberta (2011-2014)


LLED 481: Digital Media in English Language Arts Education
LLED 565/480: Energy Literacy in Educational & Environmental Futures
LLED 565: Environmental Literacy
LLED 439: Performance Text & Film
LLED 442/565: Trends and Issues in Teaching Environmental Children’s Literature

Selected Publications

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Edited Books

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