Graduate Degrees Offered

PhD Degree

The PhD in Language & Literacy Education may be completed in any of our program specializations. It normally consists of a one-year residency in the Department, together with a dissertation.
Students are normally expected to advance to candidacy by the end of their third year (having completed their comprehensive exams and dissertation proposal, and relevant coursework).

PhD Program Requirements:

  • Doctoral Seminars: LLED 601 and LLED 602 (required)
  • Coursework: 18 to 24 credits
  • Seminars
  • Comprehensive Examinations
  • Dissertation Proposal
  • Application and Approval to Candidacy
  • Proposal Presentation
  • PhD Dissertation
  • Program must be completed within 6 years.
  • Must be approved for candidacy within the first 3 years (complete courses, comprehensive exams, and thesis proposal approved). If not, needs program extension.
  • Must be full-time, no part-time option

PhD handbook

MA Degree

This degree requires a minimum of 30 credits including 24 credits at the 500-level or above. These 30 credits are to be divided as follows:

MA Program Requirements:

  • Minimum 30 credits, with 24 credits at the 500-level or above.
  • EDUC 500
  • Master’s Thesis – 9 credits
  • 12 credits must be level 500 in the specialization area of LLED
  • Program must be completed within 5 years

M.A. handbook

MEd Degree

The MEd degree consists of 30 credits, 3 of which may be a graduating project (LLED 590) (e.g. to fulfill the “Capstone Experience” for Teacher Qualification Service (for BC teachers)) but not required.
Students generally take 10 courses fulfilling the following guidelines:

M.Ed Program Requirements:

  • Consists of 30 credits, 3 credits may be graduating project (LLED 590), but not required.
  • Program consists of the following:
    • 24 credits must be at 500-level
    • EDUC 500
    • 12 credits must be level 500 in the specialization area of LLED
    • 9 credits may be any 500-level course in LLED or any other department
    • 6 credits may be at the 300/400 level
    • Program must be completed in 5 years

Students may take all 30 credits at the 500-level, but must be done in coordinator with the supervisor.

M.Ed. handbook