Scholarship Stories

The Scholarship Stories is a video series created to highlight the distinctive and diverse research taking place within our department. These short video interviews are intended to provide a personal introduction to the research interests and teaching practices of our faculty and graduate students.
Dr. Anthony ParéGo to profile

Academic Writing in Doctoral Education, Discourse and Rhetoric, Teacher Education

Dr. Bonny NortonGo to profile

African Storybook, Digital, Identity, Indigenous Storybooks, International Development, Language Learning, Literacy, Open Access, Storybooks Canada

Dr. Derek GladwinGo to profile
Assistant Professor

Cultural Studies, Digital & Media Literacy, Environmental & Energy Literacy, Environmental Humanities, Food Literacy, Interdisciplinary Education, Literary Education, Sustainability Education, Writing & Rhetoric

Dr. George BelliveauGo to profile

Arts-Based Research, Drama Education, Interdisciplinary Arts, Research-Based Theatre

Dr. Kedrick JamesGo to profile
Senior Instructor

Arts-Based Research and Activism, Critical Media and Digital Literacies, Ecopoetics and Environmental Literacy, Secondary English Language Arts, Teacher Education Curriculum

Dr. Leah MacfadyenGo to profile

Data Literacy, Educational Technology, eLearning, Learning Analytics, Learning Design

Dr. Ling ShiGo to profile

Academic Writing, Second Language Writing, Teaching English as a Second Language Writing

Dr. Patsy DuffGo to profile

Adolescent Issues, Adult Education Issues, English as a Second Language, French and Second Languages, International Perspectives, Language Education, Literacy, Multiple Literacies

Dr. Ryuko KubotaGo to profile

Foreign/Second Language Education, Language Ideologies, Critical Pedagogies, Antiracism in Language Education

Dr. Victoria SurteesGo to profile

TESOL, Peer Language Sociaization, Language Learning in Study Abroad Contexts, English as a Lingua Franca, Ethnography, Mobile Technologies as Research Tools