Travel Claims

Travel claims are for expenses incurred during any trip that is off campus (including conference registration). Limit one trip per claim. Claims must be submitted up to 4 weeks after travel; claims submitted after 6 months will not be accepted.

Non-Travel Claims

This is related to any expenses that did not involve travel, such as: membership costs, honoraria, office or tech supplies, software, books, meeting snacks, etc.

Honoraria and Additional Information

Mileage and Per Diem Rates

Meal per diems

  • Travellers may be reimbursed for the cost of meals either by submitting receipts for actual meal costs or by claiming meal per diems. Receipts are not required to claim a meal per diem.
  • Travellers may claim a meal per diem for an entire day or partial day. Where a meal per diem is claimed no additional amount may be claimed for the same meals. Per diems may only be claimed where meals have actually been consumed. Per diems cannot be claimed where meals are already included, such as through conference fees, meetings, etc.

As of April 1, 2013 the following meal per diems rate apply:

Maximum Rates (incl. tax and gratuities) Canada USA Europe/Int’l
Breakfast $14 CAD $14 USD $14 EURO /USD/ CAD
Lunch $16 CAD $16 USD $16 EURO /USD/ CAD
Dinner $30 CAD $30 USD $30 EURO /USD/ CAD
Daily Total $60 CAD $60 USD $60 EURO /USD/ CAD

Mileage rates

Travel by private vehicle may be necessary to save time and/or costs. Reimbursement for costs are made to the driver only and are calculated by applying the mileage (km) rate to the actual driving distance while on UBC business, by the most direct route. The amount claimed should not exceed the full economy airfare.

Effective April 1, 2013, the maximum mileage/kilometer rate is $0.49 per kilometer.

More information at UBC Finance