General Inquiry Number: 604-822-5788

General Inquiry Email:

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Maliha Jannat

  • Monitors budget expenditures, prepares financial transactions, handles expenses, manages procurements, and reconciles department accounts.
  • Troubleshoots financial system issues and provides financial guidance.
  • Coordinates student appointments (GRA, GAA, GTA), assists with recruitment, and tracks compliance.
  • Responds to general inquiries, assists with meeting room bookings, office space allocation, and handles other office operational duties.
  • Maintains the UBC Directory and Pinnacle.
  • Processes building access, common area (DLC) access requests, and key requests.
  • Provides coverage for the Administrative Manager and Head’s Assistant as needed.
PCN 2013

Megan Wilson

  • Coordinates Department Head’s schedule/calendar; drafts correspondence on behalf of the Department Head.
  • Assists the Department Head with financial matters, such as claim submission, monitoring of budgets, and reconciliation.
  • Processes faculty recruitment, appointment and reappointment.
  • Processes Visiting Scholar, Postdoctoral, Adjunct Professor (Non-Credit), and other ad hoc faculty appointments.
  • Helps with other faculty HR support for the Department, such as: the faculty merit processes, study leave applications, medical leaves, annual summary of activity reports and faculty retirements.
  • Provides coverage for the Administrative Assistant and Administrative Manager as needed (answering inquiries, processing financial claims, processing student appointments, etc.)
PCN 2015


Alya Zhukova

  • Advises applicants on admission inquiries; coordinates applications for LLED graduate programs
  • Provides support to current students: academic progress, course registration, special accommodation and program completion
  • Interprets University and department policies, provides guidance to students, faculty and staff
  • Handles students’ awards and scholarships
  • Coordinates orientation and graduation
PCN 2016

Effiam Yung

Effiam Yung

  • Manages the departmental website
  • Public relations and promotions
  • Manages LLED social media channels
  • Departmental communications
PCN 3009

Sara Schermer

  • Recruitment, marketing and promotional activities for BEd French programs
  • Key point of contact for prospective and current students interested in French Programs
  • Student advising French programs in the TEO
  • Student advising on BEd admission and program requirements
  • Assessment of applications for the French Programs within BEd and reporting to the TEO French admissions team

Susan Bowers

Susan Bowers

  • Oversight of French programs in the Faculty of Education (LLED & TEO) for French pre- and in-service teachers
  • Marketing and communications for French language education programs
  • Planning, organizing and delivery professional learning support for pre- and in-service FSL teachers
  • Development, sourcing, translation and/or updating of French resource material for BEd French course delivery, including library resources
  • Oversight of French program funding and bursaries for pre-service and in-service French teachers
PCN 3011

Ana Susnjara

  • HR and Financial operations
  • Course scheduling and staffing
  • LLED faculty workload assignments
  • Administrative and staff oversight
  • Health and safety
PCN 2014

Dr. Kristiina Kumpulainen

Dr. George Belliveau