About Us

The Department of Language and Literacy Education is a community of educators committed to social justice in scholarship, teaching, and service. We are interested in the many ways that humans make meaning through language and other symbolic resources. In our courses and our research, we see language and literacy as activities that make consensus possible, but that may also lead to inequity and injustice. In addition, conscious of ever-changing technologies for knowledge mobilization and the need for multiple and malleable literacies, we study and teach communication as a multimodal activity.

Our commitment is enacted through our study and teaching, especially in five interrelated areas of interest and expertise:
Language, literacy, and literary learning across the lifespan and lifeworlds.
Pedagogies, digital media, and learning in networked multimodal, multilingual contexts.
Theories, technologies and methodologies for the study of literacies and languages.
Critical studies in languages and literacies.
Creative studies in literacies and languages.

Our Department