Recent Graduating Dissertations


Illuminating (Dis)enlightenment: Critical Media Literacy and/or Conspiracy Theories?
Author: Yuya Takeda
Supervisors: Dr. Ryuko Kubota

September 2023

Transcultural Identity and Bangla Heritage Language Teaching
Author: Asma Afreen
Supervisors: Dr. Bonny Norton

July 2023

Digital Multimodal Composing with Youth from Refugee and Immigrant Backgrounds in a Metro Vancouver Secondary School
Author: Amir Michalovic
Supervisors: Drs. Maureen Kendrick and Margaret Early

May 2023

Reading the South in the North: A study of Latin American literature in Vancouver teaching contexts
Author: Magdalena Vergara
Supervisors: Dr. Teresa Dobson

March 2023

New hierarchies, new elites: A critical ethnography of English as a medium of instruction policy in Nepali public schools
Author: Pramod Sah
Supervisors: Dr. Guofang Li

May 2022

An Investigation Into the Nature of First Language Dissociation, and Its Causes in Japanese-English Late Plurilinguals
Author: Ashley Russell Moore
Supervisors: Dr. Ryuko Kubota

March 2022

Listening to Stories: Collaborating with Children and Their Teacher to Explore the Communicative Repertoires of Young Emergent Bilinguals
Author: Harini Rajagopal
Supervisors: Dr. Maureen Kendrick and Dr. Jim Anderson

November 2021

English for Academic Purposes in Canada: Practitioners’ Assessment Practices and Construction of Assessment Literacy
Author: Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan
Supervisors: Dr. Lee Gunderson

November 2021

‘All the feels’ — Exploring Educators’ Embodied Experiences of Sexual Education
Author: Kaye Hare
Supervisors: Dr. Kedrick James and Dr. Theresa Rogers

November 2021

Poetic Inquiry: Current Approaches and Future Applications
Author: Adam Vincent
Supervisors: Dr. Kedrick James and Dr. Derek Gladwin

August 2021

Transnational Long-Term Learners of Chinese as Peer Mentors: Language Socialization, Online Learning, and Identity
Author: Liam Doherty
Supervisors: Dr. Patricia Duff

July 2021

Exploring Teacher Candidates’ Responses to Teaching Sexual Assault Narratives
Author: Amber Moore
Supervisors: Dr. Mary K. Bryson and Dr. Annette Henry

June 2021

Pray Where Waters Meet: Land-Based Métissage, Ethical Relationality and Reconciliation
Author: Margaret McKeon
Supervisors: Dr. George Belliveau and Dr. Derek Gladwin

May 2021

Language and Literacy Practices (LLPs) of Hairdressers in the Botswana Multilingual Context: Implications for Occupational Literacy Development in Vocational Training
Author: Penny Moanakwena
Supervisors: Dr. Theresa Rogers

May 2021

After Exile: Heritage Language and Literacy Socialization Across Three Generations in one Chilean-Canadian Family
Author: Ava Becker
Supervisors: Dr. Patsy Duff

March, 2021

Rethinking “Family” in a Family Literacy Program: A Canadian Case Study
Author: Michelle Gilman
Supervisors: Dr. Bonny Norton

March, 2021

The Promise of Returning Home after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Author: Bonnie Nish
Supervisors: Dr. George Belliveau, Dr. Kedrick James

December, 2020

Managing the Gap: Exploring the Multimodal Literacy Instruction of a Student with Learning Disabilities
Author: Lisa Chang
Supervisors: Dr. Marlene Asselin

September, 2020

Forgotten Refugees: Understanding the Language and Literacy Practices of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan
Author: Assadullah Sadiq
Supervisors: Dr. Jim Anderson, Dr. Marianne McTavish

September, 2020

Reading the Cuts: A Novel Posthuman Digital Visual Method for Examining Images of the Self on Social Media
Author: Kathleen Warfield
Supervisors: Dr. Theresa Rogers

January, 2020

Using Digital Technologies to Enhance First-Year Students’ Learning in a Communication and Academic Literacy Course
Author: Brigid Conteh
Supervisors: Dr. Theresa Rogers, Dr. Marlene Asselin

December, 2019

Multilingual Undergraduate Writers’ Discourse Socialization in a Sheltered Academic English Program
Author: John Haggerty
Supervisors: Dr. Ling Shi

October, 2019

Embodying Indigenous Coast Salish Education: Travelling with Xe:ls the Sister, Mapping Katzie/qicəy Stories and Pedagogies
Author: Kerrie Charnley
Supervisors: Dr. Jim Anderson, Dr. Archibald Jo-Ann

October, 2019

The Virtual Renaissance: Self-Consciousness Through Literacy/Technology
Author: Kyle Stooshnov
Supervisors: Dr. George Belliveau, Dr. Kedrick James

September, 2019

Cancer’s Margins: Sexual and Gender Marginality and the Biopolitics of Knowledge
Author: Evan Taylor
Supervisors: Dr. Mary Bryson

August, 2019

Exchanging Stories: A Narrative Ethnography of Immigrant Seniors’ English Language Learning Experiences
Author: Natalia Balyasnikova
Supervisors: Dr. Ryuko Kubota

July, 2019

Poetic Inquiry: My Journey in Language
Author: Botao Wu
Supervisors: Dr. George Belliveau

May, 2019

Processes of Academic Source-Based Writing in Graduate School: A Socio-Pedagogical Approach to Students’ Interactions with Source Texts
Author: Nasrin Kowkabi
Supervisors: Dr. Ling Shi

March, 2019

DIGITAL IDENTITIES, EDUCATIONAL INEQUITIES: Investigating social class and new literacies of migrant Filipino youth in the knowledge economy
Author: Ron Darvin
Supervisors: Dr. Bonny Norton

December, 2018

Peer language socialization in an internationalized study abroad context: Norms for talking about language
Author: Victoria Surtees
Supervisors: Dr. Patricia Duff

November, 2018

Designing Learning Experiences with Equity-Seeking Youth: Strength-Based Strategies for Sustaining Culture, Community and Creativity
Author: Anna Keefe
Supervisors: Dr. Maureen Kendrick

October, 2018

Empire of the Son: Using Research-Based Theatre to Explore Family Relationships
Author: Tetsuro Shigematsu
Supervisors: Dr. George Belliveau

October, 2018

An Examination of Young Children’s Digital Literacy Practices in the Home Before and During the Transition to Kindergarten
Author: Laura Teichert
Supervisors: Dr. Jim Anderson

September, 2018

Visualizing Visual Literacy
Author: Ernesto Jose Pena Alonso
Supervisors: Dr. Teresa Dobson, Dr. Kedrick James

June, 2018

Red Tears of Pearl: Making Space for Afghan-Canadian Muslim Diasporas In Postcolonial Literature
Author: Rahela Nayebzadah
Supervisors: Dr. Carl Leggo, Dr. Paul St.Pierre

June, 2018

The Iconic Polar Bear: Visual Rhetoric in Environmental Documentaries
Author: Claire Ahn
Supervisors: Dr. Teresa Dobson, Dr. Kedrick James

May, 2018

From Language Learners to Bilingual Providers: Second Language Socialization of Bilingual Mothers in South Korea
Author: Bong-gi Sohn
Supervisors: Dr. Steven Talmy, Dr. Ryuko Kubota

March, 2018

Land Education and Reconciliation: Exploring Educators’ Practice
Author: Christine Bridge
Supervisors: Dr. Teresa Dobson, Dr. Jan Hare

March, 2018

Emerging Scholars’ Socialization into Scholarly Publication: Negotiating Identities and Investments in a Neoliberal Era
Author: Ismaeil Fazel
Supervisors: Dr. Ling Shi

February, 2018

Mapping the Early Literacy Ecology of Children with Disabilities in their Homes and Communities: Perspectives from Parents and Children’s Librarians
Author: Teresa Prendergast
Supervisors: Dr. Jim Anderson

February, 2018

Pedagogical Relations of Listening and Becoming in Children’s Everyday Literacies: In Conversation with Ted Aoki
Author: Janet Pletz
Supervisors: Dr. Carl Leggo, Dr. Erika Hasebe-Ludt

November, 2017

The African Storybook and Teacher Identity
Author: Espen Stranger-Johannessen
Supervisors: Dr. Bonny Norton

December, 2017

The Writing Center as a Global Pedagogy: A Case Study of an Internationalizing University in Japan
Author: Tomoyo Otani (Okuda)
Supervisors: Dr. Ryuko Kubota, Dr. Ling Shi

September, 2017

Who’s the ‘Write’ Girl: A Poetic Inquiry
Author: Abby Wener Herlin
Supervisors: Dr. Carl Leggo

July, 2017