Special Purpose Funding

Travel Grants

Overview: In an effort to support LLED graduate students’ development of scholarly profiles, the Department provides a limited amount of travel funding annually for students to present at local, national or international conferences. Conferences for which funding is sought should take place while applicants are students, or no later than 6 months after their graduation.

Details & Eligibility: As limited funds are available each year, LLED MA, MEd and PhD students are eligible to apply once per degree for this travel grant. Funds will be awarded based on the number of qualified applications received. The Graduate Student Travel fund for the current year is: $5,000.00*.

Students must be representing LLED, presenting or co-presenting (paper, poster, or symposium), and must not be enrolled in a graduate program elsewhere. The travel grant can be used in conjunction with other travel support (Ritsumeikan, the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies, the Office of Graduate Programs and Research, for example).

Applications are submitted once a year; the call generally goes out in September, and the awards are adjudicated in October.

*Please note: this fund is to reimburse travel incurred for costs associated with accommodation, meals, registration and travel. Original receipts are required.

Application: Please complete the application form, attach an abstract, and confirmation of acceptance to the conference. Submit all documents electronically to the Head Assistant. Please also indicate if you have received, or are expecting to receive, any other sources of funding for this conference. expecting to receive any other sources of funding.

For students not graduating during current year, the award covers travel between: March 15 of the previous year and March 31 of the current year.

For students who have graduated during the current year: the award covers travel during the fiscal year, and up to six months after graduation.

Students will be notified via email if their application has been successful, upon which time the original receipts and documentation will be required for submission and reimbursement.

The principal goals of this initiative are to provide financial support to Post-Doctoral Fellows who must travel to present their work at conferences, and to also increase the opportunity of Post-Doctoral fellows to build their scholarly profiles/track record. The initiative is for any Post-Doctoral fellow in the Faculty of Education who is the first author and presenter of a paper, poster session, or workshop at a local, national or international conference.

Graduate Student Conference Travel Grant - Terms of Reference & Instructions

Cody Graduate Student Emergency Fund

This emergency fund totaling $5,000 is available per year, to assist graduate students who are faced with an unexpected financial challenge of a serious nature which impacts their well-being and/or ability to continue in the program.
For consideration, applicants are asked to appeal directly to the Department Head, articulating the scope of the emergency and demonstrating how all other possible sources of funding have explored and exhausted. Requests are determined on a case-by-case basis and final approval will come from the Department Head, in consultation with the Head’s Advisory Committee (with input from other faculty as needed).