Leah Macfadyen

Dr. Leah Macfadyen

Associate Professor of Teaching

Research and teaching areas:

Critical Intercultural Studies

Digital literacies

Digital Research Methods

Instructional approaches

Multiliteracy and multimodality

Online pedagogies


Leah Macfadyen is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the Department of Language and Literacy Education and the Master of Educational Technology Program, Faculty of Education, The University of British Columbia. She is a broad-ranging interdisciplinarian, with graduate degrees in the experimental sciences and in the humanities and social sciences. Dr Macfadyen’s early eLearning research drew on her interest in theories of culture and intercultural communication, and was motivated by the reality of our increasingly diverse learner audience. Latterly, the rising tide of learning data captured by learning technologies, and the emergence of the field of learning analytics, spurred Dr Macfadyen to also bring her analytic and scientific skills to the study of virtual learning. Her research – qualitative and quantitative – has been published in respected peer-reviewed journals in several fields. In parallel Dr Macfadyen has also invested time in developing and teaching experiential and (hopefully) transformative learning experiences on topics such as sustainability, systems thinking and global issues.

Dr Macfadyen is inspired by the potential for learning analytics to offer actionable insights into our teaching and learning contexts and practice: who our learners are and how that has changed over time, what choices our learners make and how that affects outcomes, and how design and teaching innovations impact learner behavior and learning outcomes. She is also keen, however, to engage researchers and practitioners in ongoing critical discussions about the limits of ‘big data’, the challenge of data literacy, and the ethical and social implications of this work.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles
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Book Chapters

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Conference Proceedings

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