Kedrick James

Dr. Kedrick James

Professor of Teaching

he / him / his 604–822–2126 PCN 3107

Research and teaching areas:

Arts-Based Research

Digital literacies

Digital Research Methods

English language arts

Environmental theory and practice

Literacy education

Literature and poetry

Teacher Education


Audio Recordings

James, K., Peña, E., & Takeda, Y., & Morales, E. (2020). Singling’s First (Adult) Conversation in 5 Parts. Bandcamp.

James, K., Klassen, D., & Peña, E. (2020). Knocking Speakers Off Plinths [Full album]. Bandcamp and online stores.

James, K., Klassen, D., & Peña, E. (2020). Permanent Damage [Full album]. Bandcamp and online stores.
James, K., Klassen, D., & Peña, E. (2020). Bamboo Popes [Full Album]. Bandcamp and online stores.
James, K., & Klassen, D. (2020). Bizarre as Usual [Full album]. Online stores.

James, K., & Klassen, D. (2014). Fluke Audio, Part 1 [Vinyl LP]. No Label, Vancouver,


Visit the Digital Literacy Centre website for complete details:


LLED 565S Digital Methods in Literacy Research

LLED 565C Poetic and Narrative Inquiry

LLED 480 / 565E Environmental Literacy

LLED 452 Disciplinary Literacies: Intermediate and Secondary (Online)

LLED 445 Teaching Poetry

LLED 439 Teaching Film and Performance

LLED 367 Teaching Writing: Secondary Methods (Online)

LLED 361 Literacy Practices and Assessment (Online)

Selected Publications

Ahn, C., Balyasnikova, N., Horst, R., James, K., Morales, E., Takeda, Y., & Yung, E. (2023)
Enhancing relationality through poetic engagement with PhoneMe: Transmodal contexts and interpretive agency, Language and Literacy 25(2), 57-83.
Gladwin, D., Horst, R., James, K., Sameshima, P. (2022)
Imagining futures literacies: A collaborative practice. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 22(7), 27-39.
James, K., Horst, R., Takeda, Y., & Morales, E. (in press, 2021)
A patch-work of pedagogical potential: A syn(aes)thetic approach to technologically enhanced multimedia text production. McGill Journal of Education. 25 pages.
Morales, E., James, K., Horst, R., Takeda, Y., & Yung, E. (2021)
The sound of our words: Singling, a textual sonification software. In Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD).
Horst, R., James, K., Morales, E., Takeda, Y., & Yung, E. (2021)
Skunk Tales: A collaborative, multimodal, futures narrative. In Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies Celebration of Scholarly and Artistic Works.
James, K., Morales, E., Horst, R., & Yung, E. (in press)
Singling: Text sonification and the literacoustics of language-to-MIDI transformations. In A. Klobucar (Ed.), The Community and the Algorithm. 20 pages. Vernon Press.
Peña, E., & James, K. (2020)
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PhoneMe poetry: Mapping community in the digital age. Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching and Learning, 6(2). 107-117.
Karasick, A., & James, K. (2020)
To breath poetry among the neighbors: Two essays on Anerca, a journal of experimental writing (1985-1990). Among the Neighbors 13, 1-39.
James, K., Peña, E., Takeda, Y., & Digital Literacy Centre. (2020)
Transmedia: An improvisualization. In B. Gervais & S. Marcotte (Eds.), Attention à la Marche! Mind the Gap!: Thinking Electronic Literature in a Digital Culture | Penser la Littérature Électronique en Culture Numérique (pp. 85-102). Les Presse De l’Écureuil.
James, K. (2019)
Mapping sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) through curriculum and practice in a Canadian teacher education program. Canadian Journal of Education 42(4), 957-991.
James, K. (Writer / Producer) (2019)
TEFA Interview Findings on SOGI Inclusion [Podcast]. Teacher Education for All Curriculum Mapping Project Interviews. University of British Columbia. Retrieved from
James, K. (2019).
Spring. In B. White, P. Sameshima, & A. Sinner (Eds.), MA: Materiality in teaching and learning. (pp. 221-232). Peter Lang.

James, K. and Leggo, C. (2017).
Poetry from the matrix of Mother Earth and Mother Board. Axon: Creative Explorations, (7) 2.
Sameshima, P., Fidyk, A., James, K. & Leggo, C. (2017)
Poetic Inquiry: Enchantment of Place. Delaware: Vernon Press.
James, K. (2017).
Antics of a cultural recycler: Visualizing data poetry. In L. Butler-Kisber, J. J. Guiney Yallop, M. Stewart, & S. Wiebe (Eds.), Poetic inquiries of reflections and renewal: Poetry as research (pp. 244–259). Lunenburg, NS: MacIntyre Purcell Publishing.
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