George Belliveau

Dr. George Belliveau


Graduate Student Advisor

he / him / his 604–822–8654 English, French/Français
Research and teaching areas:

Arts-Based Research

Drama/Theater education

English language arts

Literacy education

Storytelling & Narrative Inquiry

Teacher Education


When Research Meets Theatre
Drama in Education
Contact! Unload on Parliament Hill
Precious Moments: Performing A/r/tography
Research-based Theatre
Being a Man Today
Inside look at Contact! Unload
LLED Scholarship Stories
Contact! Unload
War Stories

Belliveau, G. (2021, October 13). Episode 16: Interview with Dr. George Belliveau [Radio broadcast]. Research Review, CiTR 101.9 FM, Canada.


Research-based Theatre

A/r/tography in Teacher Education

Student-to-Student Abuse in Canada’s Indian Residential Schools

Assessing research-based theatre

Living, learning and teaching in the Dadaab (Kenya) refugee camp

Theatre and young audiences

Arts-based health research

Shakespeare in the Elementary Classroom

Theatre with returning veterans

Selected Publications


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Editor for Special Journal Issues

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