Liza Navarro

Liza Navarro



Liza Navarro is a PhD student in the Department of Language and Literacy Education.
Liza has a background in the French language and has a Master of Arts in French from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Her research interests include language education (primarily French), intercultural competence, teacher education and open education resources. Her previous experience includes instructing undergraduate French courses (beginner and intermediate French) at UBC as well as various graduate research assistant positions tied to French language learning. She is fascinated with the language and is always eager to lend a hand to French instructors and learners. This school year she will be working on a small Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund as project coordinator to provide support to French teacher candidates in helping them develop their digital competencies. In addition, she has received an Open Education Research fellowship, which will allow her to share her passion with others.


Culture, French, Identity, Intercultural Competence, Language Learning