Bonny Norton (FRSC)

Dr. Bonny Norton (FRSC)


University Killam Professor 604–822–5236 PCN 3137
Research and teaching areas:

Bilingual/multilingual education

Critical literacies/pedagogies

Digital literacies

English as an additional language

Gender/sexuality/queer inclusion


Language Ideologies

Storytelling & Narrative Inquiry



Global Storybooks project:
Storybooks Canada:
Indigenous Storybooks:

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Selected Honours and Awards

University Killam Professor, 2021

CUFA BC Academic of the Year, 2020

CSSE Graduate Student Mentorship Award, 2018

Fellow Royal Society of Canada, FRSC, 2016

TESOL Distinguished Research Award (co-recipient), 2016

AERA Fellow (American Educational Research Association), 2012

Killam Research Prize, 2007

UBC Distinguished University Scholar, 2004

Killam Teaching Prize, 2003

Selected Publications (Online & Open Access)

For full list, see:

Darvin, R. & Norton, B. (2023) Investment and motivation in language learning: What's the difference? Language Teaching, 56, 29-40.
Zaidi, R., Metcalfe, R., & Norton, B. (2022) "Dual language books go digital: Storybooks Canada in French immersion schools and homes." Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics. 25 (1), 64-87.
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