Indigenous Language & Literacy Education

In LLED, our work in Indigenous language and literacy education supports community-led and community-driven initiatives with the intention to build capacity of and for Indigenous Peoples and their respective communities to reclaim, revitalize, and maintain their language, literacy, and literary practices.

Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing (e.g. storytelling, oratory, dance, drumming, navigation) are authentic and valid forms of language and literacy education that are grounded in specific knowledge systems that we – individually and collectively – can all learn from, engage with, and be transformed by.

Building on the growing area of needs that is in response to UBC’s Indigenous strategic priorities, the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Actions, Bill 41 (BC’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act), Bill C-15 (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act), Bill C-91 (Indigenous Languages Act), as well as the United Nations declaration of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032), we are committed to nurturing, expanding, and advancing Indigenous language and literacy learning opportunities with our students, schools, and communities we serve.

Examples of Course Offerings

LLED 513: Indigenous Storytelling in Education
LLED 527: Materials Development for Indigenous Language Learning and Teaching
LLED 565P: Indigenous Language and Culture Education (Special Topics)
LLED 565D: Living Our Indigenous Languages Through Performative Arts (Special Topics)


A Sampling of LLED Theses and Dissertations

Charnley, Kerrie. (2019). Embodying Indigenous Coast Salish Education: Travelling With Xé:ls The Sister, Mapping Katzie/Q’iċəy’ Stories And Pedagogies. Doctoral Dissertation. UBC.
Co-Supervisors – Jim Anderson (LLED) and Jo-ann Archibald (EDST)

Bridge, Christine. (2018). Land education and reconciliation: exploring educators’ practice. Doctoral Dissertation. UBC.
Co-supervisors – Jan Hare (LLED) and Teresa Dobson (LLED)

Davidson, Sarah. (2016). Following the song of k’aad ‘aww (Dogfish Mother) : adolescent perspectives on English 10 First Peoples, writing, and identity. Doctoral Dissertation. UBC.
Co-Supervisors – Carl Leggo (LLED) and Theresa Rogers (LLED)

McKeon, M. (2021). Pray Where the Waters Meet: Land-based Métissage, Ethical Relationality and Reconciliation. Dissertation UBC
Co-Supervisors: Belliveau, G. and Gladwin, D. (LLED)

Ryan, Keeley (2016). Community-based materials development: using digital storytelling for teaching and learning Indigenous languages. M.A. Thesis. UBC.
Supervisor – Candace K. Galla (LLED)

Cranmer, Laura (2015). Reclaiming Kwak’wala through co-constructing Gwanti’lakw’s vision. Doctoral Dissertation. UBC.
Co-Supervisors – Carl Leggo (LLED) and Patricia Shaw (FNEL)

McIvor, Onowa (2012). îkakwiy nîhiyawiyân : I am learning [to be] Cree. Doctoral Dissertation. UBC.
Supervisor – Jan Hare (LLED)

Research and Teaching Areas

Indigenous Language Revitalization, Reclamation, and Education
Indigenous Language, Literacy, and Digital Technology
Meaning-making practices concerned with storytelling, land, and language
Indigenous Family and Community Literacy
Social practices of literacy that draws on Indigenous knowledges and pedagogies
Indigenous Language and Culture in the Home, School, and Community Contexts

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