Dr. Reginald D’Silva

Associate Professor of Teaching
Academic Director, UBC-Ritsumeikan Academic Exchange Programs


Reginald D’Silva has a multidisciplinary background in engineering, computer science and the social sciences. His PhD research focused on the use of voice recognition software programs in developing literacy skills in post-secondary English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners. He currently is the Academic Director of the UBC Ritsumeikan Academic Exchange programs where he is involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning of language and content courses.

Selected Publications

Gunderson, L., & D’Silva, R. (2016). Disaggregating secondary-level Chinese immigrants’ academic, English, and school success. In W. Ma, & G. Li, (Eds.), Chinese-heritage students in North American schools: Understanding hearts and minds beyond test scores (pp. 88–102). New York, NY: Routledge.

Reeder, K., Shapiro, J., Wakefield, J., & D’Silva, R. (2015). Speech recognition software contributes to reading development for young learners of English. International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching, 5(1), 60–74.