Iris Berger

Dr. Iris Berger

Assistant Professor of Teaching

she / her / hers 604–822–6593 PCN 3103


Dr. Iris Berger has been involved in the field of early childhood education as a classroom teacher, researcher, community organizer, policy consultant, and university instructor since the mid 1990s. At the centre of her pedagogical inquiries lies the abiding notion that matters pertaining to education and childhood are entangled with question of ethics and politics. To this end, Dr. Berger has developed a special interest in rethinking leadership in early childhood education with an interest in storytelling as a form of participation and political action.

In her teaching, Dr. Berger focuses on creating pedagogical spaces that convey a sense of welcoming and possibilities for collaborative thinking, dialogue, and engagement; while at the same time, provoking intellectual ‘restlessness’ and questioning that invite an experience of ‘awakening’ to new ideas and perspectives. She strives to convey that knowledge is dynamic, always situated and incomplete and thus each one of us has something unique to contribute to the ongoing (necessary) conversations about the purpose(s) and form(s) of education


Advancing Early Childhood Education Outdoors Now

Mariana Brussoni, School of Population and Public Health; Hartley Banack, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education; Iris Berger, Language and Literacy, Faculty of Education; Enid Elliott, Early Learning and Care, Camosun College

Awards & Honours

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies’ Virtual Roundtables Award 2020-2021

UBC Sustainability Office Grant (2015, with Dr. Hartley Banack)

Dissertation Award. Awarded by the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society (2014)

Selected Publications

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