Giovanna Lucci

Giovanna Lucci



Giovanna Lucci holds a BFA and MA in Visual Arts from the University of Sao Paulo and has recently finished her MPhil in Education at the University of Cambridge. She has worked at some primary schools that shared the challenge of integrating immigrant children into their educational system. To her, embracing new cultures is the key to develop a better multicultural learning environment. That means that new students are not the only ones who need to adapt, but that the school environment as a whole must be ready to welcome them. Specialising in children’s literature, her research hypothesis is that presenting children with multimodal narratives can make them aware of other realities and experiment with an array of emotions, including empathy. Thus, she is currently focused on investigating if stories can indeed be used to prompt cultural and emotional literacy and if that can indeed help to promote equity.


multiculturality, literacy as a social practice, multimodal literacies, early readers, equity in the classroom