George Whitehead

Dr. George Whitehead


he / him / his English, Intermediate Korean
Research and teaching areas:

L2 teacher education

English as an additional language

Instructional approaches

Decolonizing methodologies

Decolonizing pedagogies and knowledges


George E.K. Whitehead is Full-time Lecturer in the Language & Literacy Education Department at the University of British Columbia. He completed his B.A. (Linguistics) at Simon Fraser University, his M.A. (TEFL/TESL) at the University of Birmingham, and his Ph.D. (Education) at the University of Leicester. Prior to joining UBC, George was Associate Professor and Chair of the English Language Teaching Department  in the Graduate School of TESOL at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea where he resided for 16 years.  

George’s specialization and research interests lie in areas related to L2 teacher education and context-specific language teaching and learning practices around the world. In understanding the complex and dynamic nature of language teaching and learning, his work focuses on seeking to better understand what works for whom and in what situations. His published work has appeared in journals such as The Modern Language Journal, System, Language Teaching Research, and TESOL Quarterly. 

Selected Projects, Media, or Publications

Whitehead, G. E., & Ryu, Y. (2023). “I am not a native speaker…”: Exploring the perceived pronunciation teaching difficulties faced by Korean public elementary school English teachers. System, 103056. 

Arslan, S., & Whitehead, G. E. (2022). Fostering pre-service teachers’ perceived ability to implement dialogic teaching in Turkey: Examining the contributing factors of an intensive short-term teacher education program from the teacher-learners’ vantage point. Language Teaching Research, Advance online publication.  

Jones, A. G., Whitehead, G. E., & Bang, H. (2022). Exploring the impacts of a South Korean alternative school on North Korean refugees’ educational attitudes, satisfaction, and behavior. Current Psychology, 1-19.  

Hiver, P., Solarte, A. C. S., Whiteside, Z., Kim, C. J., & Whitehead, G. E. (2021). The role of language teacher metacognition and executive function in exemplary classroom practice. The Modern Language Journal, 105(2), 484–506. 

Lim, J., Whitehead, G. E., & Choi, Y. (2021). Interactive e-book reading vs. paper-based reading: Comparing the effects of different mediums on middle school students’ reading comprehension. System, 97, 102434. 

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