Storybooks Canada: LLED Research Seminar, Oct 5, 2017

A Digital Innovation for Multilingual Children

Panel Presenters:

Date and Location:

Thursday, October 5, 12:30–2:00 p.m.
Multipurpose Room (2012)
Ponderosa Commons, Oak House
Department of Language & Literacy Education

Light refreshments will be served at noon. All welcome!


According to the 2016 Census, more than 7 million Canadians speak a language other than English or French as a mother tongue. To help children maintain the home language, as well as learn an official language, a UBC team in the Department of Language and Literacy Education has developed Storybooks Canada. This website has been designed specifically for teachers and parents, making 40 stories from the African Storybook freely available in the major immigrant and refugee languages of Canada, as well as English and French. Our panel presentation will address the development of the initiative and current research projects. Storybooks Canada acknowledges funding from the UBC Language Sciences Initiative and a UBC research cluster grant.

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