New Publication from Dr. Jim Anderson, Dr. Marianne McTavish, and Ji Eun Kim

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Anderson, Dr. Marianne McTavish, and Ji Eun Kim on their latest publication: “Early Literacy Learning for Immigrant and Refugee Children: Parents’ Critical Roles”. International Literacy Association.

According to the United Nations, nearly a quarter of a billion people now live outside their country of birth,
and it is predicted that this number will increase dramatically over the next decade or so. Many of these individuals and families have experienced trauma from conflict and war and have difficulty in accessing adequate housing. The adults are often unemployed or underemployed and unable to find work in jobs for which they were educated or trained. This international movement of people means that, increasingly, teachers and educators work with immigrant and refugee children and families who often speak a different language, have different cultural practices and beliefs, and may face a number of barriers and challenges as they settle in their new homelands. With respect to the early literacy education of children from these families, parents have a critical role to play, a point that must not be overlooked by teachers and policy advocates.


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