Seminar-Workshop: Deceptive Media in the Classroom, Oct 18, 3:30-5:00PM

Presented by Claire Ahn and Ernesto Peña

Please save the date for an upcoming seminar-workshop on Deceptive Media in the Classroom on Wednesday October 18, 3:30-5:00PM, Ponderosa Commons Multipurpose Room (Room 2012). Light refreshments will be served, all welcomed!


The current political and media landscape in North America beg for serious conversations about critical media. Even before this time, there have been ongoing calls for students to develop skills to assess the validity and underlying motivations of media. This is evident in the development of the new curriculum in British Columbia, and specifically with the New Media module offered as part of the secondary English Language Arts curriculum.

With the intention of facilitating conversations, and after three years of presentations in several different venues (the Digital Literacy Centre, the Vancouver School Board, the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, libraries across the Vancouver area, workshops presented to elementary and secondary teachers, and engaging teacher candidates within  the BEd program at UBC) we would like to revisit our approach to deceptive media in the classroom with the academic community.

In this seminar we will position the current discussions about media deception within its historical context, we will dispel misconceptions, misreadings and misunderstandings about these discussions. We will problematize the relationship between educators and media at a time when we are urged to mobilize knowledge while also being openly critical when participating on media platforms. We will also offer insights and tools for targeting the media deception, not simply as an individual manifestations, but the overall phenomenon.


Claire Ahn is PhD candidate in the Department of Language and Literacy Education. Her research interests include film, documentary film, ecoliteracy, visual literacy, and visual rhetoric. Prior to graduate studies she was a high school English for ten years in Alberta.

Ernesto Peña is a PhD candidate in Department of Language and Literacy Education. His research interests include digital humanities, design education, visual semiotics, visual rhetoric and visual literacy. He is currently the instructor on Digital Media related topics for UBC. Prior to graduate studies he was a professional designer and professor in Mexico.