Adam Vincent’s PhD Proposal Presentation

Adam Vincent will be defending his dissertation research proposal titled: “Poetic Inquiry: Exploring the relationship between language and meaning making”.

All are welcome to attend.

Date: Tuesday, January 16
Time:  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Ponderosa Commons Multipurpose Room (Rm 2012)

Supervisory Committee:
Dr. Anthony Paré (Co- Supervisor)
Dr. Kendrick James (Co-Supervisor)
Dr. Carl Leggo (Committee Member)


“Poetic Inquiry: Exploring the relationship between language and meaning making”


This proposal outlines my dissertation research which focuses on Poetic Inquiry (PI), research discourse and knowledge creation. Despite studies which use PI (Prendergast, 2009), a variation of arts-based qualitative research that uses poetry as an integral part of the research process, discussion of the methods themselves and the discourses used in PI are underrepresented in the literature. This proposal outlines a study that seeks to answer the questions: 1) What are the characteristics of PI? 2) What are some possible consequences of changing the genre of research discourse? 3) What do adherents of PI believe are the unique benefits of these methods when creating knowledge? My goal is to better understand PI as a dynamic research method and how adherents of PI use language and genre when creating knowledge. These questions will be answered by engaging in a multiple case study approach that focuses on four adherents of PI, their writing, and their motivations for using PI approaches.