Meishi Lim Haslip



Meishi is a PhD student in the LLED program. Her two master’s degrees are in Prevention Science & Practice from Harvard University and Early Childhood Education from Old Dominion University.

Meishi co-founded a community-learning center providing Bahai-inspired character education to two hundred children, youth and adults in her home country of Malaysia. She has worked as a teacher in China and the United States, and as a research assistant on multiple projects focusing on children’s language and literacy development at Harvard University and New York University.

Her research agenda intends to examine the relationship between familial involvement (verbal inputs and communication gestures) and children’s early literacy skills. She also hopes to explore the role of culture, ethnicity and poverty on family involvement in children’s language and literacy development.


1.Parental/familial literacy intervention 2.Early language and literacy skills 3.Culture, ethnicity and poverty in children 4.Early childhood development