Ashley R. Moore

he, him, his

Critical Literacies & Critical Pedagogies, Modern Language Education, Language and Literacy Teacher Education,Race, Gender & Sexuality, Research Methodologies, Queer Inclusion in Language Education, First Language Dissociation


In the past, I worked as an English language teacher in the U.K., France and Japan. I taught primarily at universities in Japan, where I had the pleasure of leading great teams to eschew textbooks and create original courses and programs tailor-made to the needs of our students. Today, I am a PhD student, researcher and teacher with a wide range of interests including critical pedagogy, inclusive education, the role of hidden identities in (language) classrooms, queer issues in (language) education, educational management, teacher training, critical realism, grounded theory method, and the emotional experiences of multilingual people.


TESL, Identity, Second Language Learning, Queer Issues in Education, Motivation