2020W Sessional Lecturers

The Department of Language & Literacy Education has opportunities for Part-Time Sessional Lecturer teaching positions in the 2020W session. Duties include teaching, holding regular office hours, marking assignments, reporting grades, attending subject area meetings as well as follow-up appointments, where applicable.

Please see the below linked postings for full information and application instructions.

2020 Winter Term 1:
LLED 350 (3.0 cr) Classroom Discourses: Elementary
LLED 360 (3.0 cr) Classroom Discourses and Teaching English Language Learners: Secondary
LLED 367 (3.0 cr) Teaching Writing
LLED 371 (3.0 cr) Foundations of Teaching French: Secondary
LLED 386 (3.0 cr) Secondary Theatre: Introduction to Curriculum & Pedagogy
LLED 388 (3.0 cr) Secondary Theatre: Principles and Design
LLED 423 (3.0 cr) Teaching French Adolescent Literature: Secondary
LLED 452 (3.0 cr) Disciplinary Literacies: Intermediate Through Secondary (Distance Education)
LLED 481 (3.0 cr) Digital Media in English Language Arts Education

2020 Winter Term 2:
LLED 351 (2.0 cr) Literacy Practices and Assessment: Elementary
LLED 352 (2.0 cr) Introduction to Teaching and Learning French: Elementary

2020 Winter Terms 1 & 2:
LLED 353 (2.0 cr) Teaching and Learning English as an Additional Language: Elementary

Application Deadline is Noon, Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

All positions are subject to enrollment minimums and budgetary approval, and are governed by Part 7 of the Collective Agreement on Conditions of Appointments for Sessional Faculty Members. The remuneration for the assignment will be paid at the sessional pay scale.