2018W1 Undergraduate Teaching Opportunities, Sessional Lecturers

The Department of Language & Literacy Education has opportunities for Part-Time Sessional Lecturer teaching positions in the 2018W session. Duties include teaching, holding regular office hours, marking assignments, reporting grades, attending subject area meetings as well as follow-up appointments, where applicable.

Please see the below linked postings for full information and application instructions.

LLED 350 (3.0 cr) Classroom Discourses: Elementary
LLED 353 110 (3.0 cr) Teaching and Learning English as an Additional Language: Elementary
LLED 360 (3.0 cr) Classroom Discourses and Teaching English Language Learners: Secondary
LLED 367 (3.0 cr) Teaching Writing
LLED 371 301 (3.0 cr) Foundations of Teaching French: Secondary
LLED 386 301 / LLED 435A 301 (3.0 cr) Secondary Theatre: Introduction to Curriculum and Pedagogy / Drama in Education: Community, Inquiry, and Performance
LLED 388 301 (3.0 cr) Secondary Theatre: Principles and Design
LLED 423 301 (3.0 cr) Teaching French Adolescent Literature: Secondary
LLED 439 301 (3.0 cr) Shakespeare in the Classroom
LLED 481 301 (3.0 cr) Digital Media in English Language Arts Education

Distance Education
LLED 452 63A (3.0 cr) Disciplinary Literacies: Intermediate Through Secondary

Online Cohort (TESL MEd)
LLED 489B 61A (3.0 cr) Applied Linguistics for Teachers

Application Deadline is Friday, June 1, 2018.

All positions are subject to enrollment minimums and budgetary approval, and are governed by Part 7 of the Collective Agreement on Conditions of Appointments for Sessional Faculty Members. The remuneration for the assignment will be paid at the sessional pay scale.