Séjour UBC Recap

The Department of Language & Literacy Education held the event during the weekend of December 8 – December 10, 2017. We are very grateful for everyone who came to participate! It was a lot of fun – thank you to our organizers and animators Susan Ankenman, Nicole George, and Dr. Meike Wernicke.

Here is what our participants thought:

“This was a really wonderful immersion experience to brush up my confidence in french and connect with other teachers.”

“The leaders were clearly enthusiastic about teaching French as well, which was good.”

“I really liked being in a situation where we were challenged and expected to speak in French, and that we were learning about teaching French in the target language.”

“…the chance to speak in French, the chance to share the challenges and successes of teaching French, the enthusiasm that comes out of such an event, the teaching strategies gained, and so on.”

Photos from the event: