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Academic Integrity & Turnitin Guidelines

The policies for responding to academic misconduct are different from those regulating the use of Turnitin for the detection of academic misconduct. For Turnitin, see

UBC material submitted to Turnitin, the plagiarism-detection system selected by the University, is analyzed and stored in the United States.

It sets the context for the following important advice from the office of E-Learning at UBC:

* Submit all material to Turnitin under a pseudonym, including a false email address.

* Remove student names and all identifying material from documents prior to submission.

For instructors:

If you are submitting papers to Turnitin on behalf of students, please remember to delete any identifying information from the original document prior to uploading it. This includes the student’s name and student number in the document, as well as any metadata or hidden data that might be stored in the document itself. The website above has instructions on how to remove the metadata from Microsoft Word.

For the process to follow after academic misconduct is suspected, see the detailed steps outlined in the Calendar:,54,111,961

The Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies (G+PS) has information regarding investigating and documenting suspected plagiarism as well:

Please note that, according to this policy, neither the Graduate Advisor nor the Head have an immediate role to play in this; it is the Dean’s Office. (The Dean’s Office can ask the Head or Graduate Advisor to get involved.) For graduate courses, the relevant Dean’s Office is that of The Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies (G+PS) and it is recommended to notify both the Faculty of Education and Dean’s Office.

Please see our Committees Page for a full list of Department, Faculty, and University Committees and their members.