Special Topics Courses

Winter 2017-18 Courses

Winter Term 1


This course is offered in collaboration with departments and programs from seven universities and colleges that have focus areas on teacher education, language education, cross-cultural studies, and indigenous studies. The post-secondary institutions include University of Hawaii, University of Arizona, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Anchorage, University of Montana, Diné College (Navajo Tribal College), and Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi. Due to scheduling among various time zones, the course for UBC is scheduled during Winter 1 on Tuesdays, from 6-9pm.

Instructor: Dr. Candace K Galla
Credits: 3
Course Link: LLED 565A 061

Winter Term 2


This course critically explores the following areas of second language vocabulary:

▪ Vocabulary description: Types of lexical items, vocabulary size, word frequency lists, and text coverage.
▪ Vocabulary acquisition: Incidental vocabulary acquisition, intentional vocabulary learning, and the role of vocabulary in language and literacy development.
▪ Vocabulary pedagogy: A balanced framework for vocabulary development, vocabulary teaching techniques, and the lexical approach.
▪ Vocabulary assessment: An overview of the main types of vocabulary tests and a framework for assessing vocabulary knowledge.

The course combines a theoretical approach with practical tasks intended to improve the professional practice of prospective and current second language teachers.

Please note the course is also cross-listed with LLED 480E 062.

Instructor: Dr. Andreea Cervatiuc
Credits: 3
Course Link: LLED 565E 062

Winter Term 2


This advanced research course will focus on assisting students in 1) understanding how different theories inform and guide the data analysis and interpretation, and 2) applying different qualitative data analysis techniques (e.g., coding, memo writing, and data displaying) in various analytical approaches (e.g., content analysis, interview and narrative analysis, visual analysis etc.) in language and literacy research. Students will use real data to engage in practical data analysis exercises. The course assignments will be designed to facilitate interactions among relevant literature, theories, study data, analysis techniques, and writing. Through a discussion of assigned readings and in-class activities, we will address such topics as: the ethics and politics of data analysis, meanings of data analysis and coding, analysis techniques, ways of presenting data, and writing as a method of inquiry. Throughout the course, we will treat writing up qualitative research as a central task and will discuss specific demands for publishing qualitative studies. This course is open to both MA and doctoral students.

Instructor: Dr. Guofang Li
Credits: 3
Course Link: LLED 565G 062

Summer 2017 Courses

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