Summer Noted Scholar


Nancy H. Hornberger, Ph.D., Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Nancy H. Hornberger is Professor of Education and former Chair of Educational Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, where she also convened the annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum for 15 years. Her research interests include sociolinguistics in education, ethnography in education, language policy, bilingualism and biliteracy, Indigenous language revitalization and heritage language education. With sustained commitment and work with Quechua speakers and bilingual intercultural education in the Andes beginning in 1974, she has also taught, lectured, and advised on multilingual language policy and education throughout the world, as U.S. State Department English Language Specialist, United Nations consultant, and three-time Fulbright Senior Specialist – in Paraguay, New Zealand, and South Africa. She has held visiting professor appointments at the Universidade de Campinas in São Paulo in Brazil, University of Natal in South Africa, and is currently visiting professor at the University of Umeå, Sweden, collaborating on research, curriculum development, and teacher education in Sámi language and literacy. Author/editor of over two dozen books and more than 100 articles and chapters, Dr. Hornberger’s recent books include Honoring Richard Ruiz and his Work on Language Planning and Bilingual Education (Multilingual Matters, 2017), Sociolinguistics and Language Education (with Sandra McKay, Multilingual Matters, 2010), Can Schools Save Indigenous Languages? Policy and Practice on Four Continents (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008), and the 10-volume Encyclopedia of Language and Education (Springer, 2008). She is co-editor of the Multilingual Matters book series on Bilingual Education and Bilingualism and recently completed a five-year term as editor-in-chief of the Anthropology and Education Quarterly. A frequently invited speaker at professional conferences and universities, nationally and internationally, she is a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association (2010); and has also been honored with the AAAL Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award (2008), the University of Pennsylvania Provost’s Distinguished Ph.D. Teaching and Mentoring Award (2008), and the AAA George and Louise Spindler Award for Distinguished, Exemplary, and Inspirational Contribution to Educational Anthropology (2014).


LLED 565E 952: Special Course in Subject Matter Field: Language Diversity and Education

Summer Term 2, July 24, 2017 to August 04, 2017 | Monday – Friday 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The goal of the course is to explore the wide range of issues affecting educational policy and classroom practice in multilingual, multimodal, multicultural settings. We will focus on selected US and international cases to illustrate more general concerns relating to learners’ language and literacy development in formal educational settings. The course is organized around the continua of biliteracy framework that offers a heuristic for understanding learners’ fluid and dynamic communicative repertoires. We begin at the macro level, looking at policy contexts and program structures, and move to the micro level to consider teaching and learning in the multilingual classroom. Throughout, we consider how discourses, ideologies and identities are interwoven in multilingual education policy and practice. We conclude with attention to the roles of teachers, researchers, and communities in implementing change in schools.

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